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Just Goods offers fair trade, local-made, made in USA, organic, recycled and green products for the home and for families.  All of our products are sustainably crafted or manufactured.  You will find organic cotton clothing, reusable lunch containers, eco cleaning products, recycled-fiber socks, fair trade coffee, chocolate and gifts.  Together, we are making a difference.

Chime 7 Bell


Chime 7 Bell


Chime 7 Bell


This attractive Mira Fair Trade piece is made of 7 metal bells dipped in copper and hung on a curved stem. The metal bells are dipped in copper to create their unique looks. They are completely handmade using basic hand tools. You will love the melodic, echoing tones. Size - 24” long Each bell measures 1 1/2“


The copper bells are made by the Luhar Hussain family. Bell making as a craft is still practiced in the village of Nirona in Bhuj and the Hussain family has been making bells for generations. Both the female and male members of the family participate in bell making. Hussain uses the most basic hand tools to bend metal sheets into cylindrical shapes, dovetailing the edges. His entire family is involved in this bell-making process. While waiting for the handmade furnace to warm, his wife, son and daughter-in-law apply copper and bronze slivers mixed in mud paste on the metal cast of the bell. Hussain then proceeds to bake the mud caked bells in a furnace. Once the bells are removed from the furnace and cleaned, they need to be tuned. Hussain fusses with the bells and keeps tuning them till they make the perfect sound. These bells ring in varying tones for a gentle sound that encourages relaxation. Income from this product help these artisans earn a livelihood.

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