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714 e. jefferson blvd.
south bend, in 46617


Just Goods offers fair trade, local-made, made in USA, organic, recycled and green products for the home and for families.  All of our products are sustainably crafted or manufactured.  You will find organic cotton clothing, reusable lunch containers, eco cleaning products, recycled-fiber socks, fair trade coffee, chocolate and gifts.  Together, we are making a difference.

Soapmaking Class


Soapmaking Class


Soapmaking Class

from 45.00

NOTE:  You can also stop in the store, or call during store hours to register and prepay.


In this soap crafting workshop you'll learn to craft the perfect Bar and learn a little about the many other fun kitchen items you can incorporate in your soap. Hint... if it's in my kitchen it probably has gone into soap at one point or another.

You'll get to take home 5 bars of soap (that's a whopping pound of soap!) you made yourself and a handout with the recipe that you can scale up if you want to make larger batches of this yummy soap. You'll be learning the process of 'layering' a soap and receive tons of useful information. 
The nuts and bolts... 
So what about this soap crafting stuff? Cold process soapmaking - Yup, that's what it's called! See.. you already learned something - is a time honored, and to date still the most popular method because you get to control just exactly what beautiful oils and butters will go into your soap and what the end result will be - does your current soap do that?? We didn't think so. We'll also teach you the difference between detergent bars and "real" soap and how to spot the posers at craft shows, etc. Not all soap is created equal....

In this fun workshop we will cover safety procedures - you'll get to wear those fascinating chemistry goggles - those make for THE.BEST. photos!! - the chemistry of soap making (if you're a chemistry 'nerd' like me you'll love this part - and if not... hey, you just might walk away wanting a periodic table for Christmas! Maybe.). You'll learn about real, raw, unadulturated ingredients in soap crafting such as gorgeous unrefined shea butter straight from Africa.
You will get to do the measuring, mixing, blending, stirring, layering and any other process that is involved in creating gorgeous handcrafted soap. Get your girls together for a few hours of unbridled fun!"


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